Cloud Services

Virtual data center in the cloud

A virtual data center is a set of virtual resources that allows you to create a secure IT infrastructure for your business. When you use a virtual data center, you get complete freedom to build any IT landscape without spending extra money and wasting time.

A virtual data center based on the VMware / Hyper-V platform will ensure your comfort and security of your company data. Cloud data center leasing includes: – a set of virtual resources such as processors, memory, disk space, network resources; – the ability to independently change the “landscape” of your cloud data center; – an opportunity to expand or reduce your IT infrastructure in a matter of hours.

Virtual Dedicated Server

Virtual Dedicated Server is an opportunity to run on a platform created using the Vmware / Hyper-V / KVM hypervisor. By renting a part of a datacenter server, you gain full control and control over your virtual servers.

This allows:

  • independently create virtual servers;
  • modify their configurations;
  • server on / off;
  • install any OS on your servers;
  • manage network configurations.

Virtual storage

Virtual storage are the ability to host any array of information. They can be accessed either via the Internet or through separate communication channels. Virtual storage can be connected for both the cloud and the physical data center.

By leasing disk space, you get a secure and affordable infrastructure to store your data.

The rental payment depends only on the amount of disk you actually use. This allows you to resize the disk space according to your needs.

Backup as a Service

Backup as a Service is a backup service that will keep your data secure. How does it work? The secure infrastructure has storage servers and agents that integrate with virtual and / or physical infrastructure, as well as application software. Commands and reports are exchanged between the management server and the storage servers via the SSL / TLS secure Internet. The cost of the service depends on the amount and type of data being protected. Payment is made on a monthly basis, allowing you to change the amount of information stored depending on your needs.

Desktop As A Service

Desktop As A Service is a personal virtual workstation. A service that will allow you to organize your workplace as soon as possible at no extra cost.

DaaS allows you to:

  • provide a ready virtual workplace;
  • customize the workstation for each user;
  • to get access to everything necessary for work, software complex to each user.

Working with a virtual workstation gives you access to a full-fledged workplace anywhere in the world.

WHAT IS A Virtual Data Center In The Cloud

Self-service on request. High elasticity (flexibility) of services. Accounting for resource consumption and post-payment. Adaptability. Resiliency and high availability. All these definitions describe our cloud data centers!


  • Reliability level:   not lower than TIER 3
  • Power:   1 + 1 MW or more
  • Uninterruptible power supply:   2N
  • Climate:   N + 1, with freecooling
  • Security:   gas fire and early detection systems, physical infrastructure monitoring system

VMware platform / Hyper-V / KVM

Servicedesk and technical support 24х7

Monitoring and environmental protection system

Equipment of A-brand companies